LEAPIN web-check-in API

What is the LEAPIN web-check-in API?


LEAPIN web check-in is an innovative smart technology API that allows accommodation booking websites to connect to LEAPIN compatible locks so guests can bypass a reception desk, and web-check-in to their accommodation 24/7.The LEAPIN web check in API enables the complete web-check- in package, from booking to check-out, including the automatic emailing and texting of the limited key device to guests. The limited key device is in the form of the LEAPIN access code - a time-sensitive PIN code that only works for the duration of the booked stay(the code replaces metal keys, swipecard, smartcards and keyfobs).

Managers can approve guests and distribute their access code with our 'one-click approval' and code generation technology, or have the process completely automated without the need for any manager interaction.

The LEAPIN web check-in API is perfect for existing short term accommodation facilities e.g resorts, motels, small resorts, holiday rental properties, with booking websites and metal key locks.

By ordering a LEAPIN compatible lock on our website here, you will receive the LEAPIN web-check-in API set up to your booking website for free (LEAPIN charge a flat fee of $6 for each booking and web-check-in).

15,000 LEAPIN compatible locks(Kaba Oracode 660K locks) have already sold in North America. Without the LEAPIN web-check-in API, managers have to log in to a separate web-based software package and go through atleast 10 drop down menu steps to simply generate the access code – it is not linked to a booking engine/payment system, and the code is not stored anywhere - it has to be manually distributed by the manager to the guest.

The LEAPIN web-check-in API is also perfect for existing LEAPIN compatible lock owners (Kaba Oracode 660K lock). If you are a short term accommodation facility without a booking website, or any other facility then you can purchase the LEAPIN ALL-IN pack. Click Here

Can be operated by staff, or the guest or both – perfect for business travelers, or in regions where flights get in
early or late.

How does it work?

The LEAPIN access code is sent automatically from the booking engine to the guest once a booking and payment is made, saving the need for managers to manually generate a code in the manufacturers software and manually distribute it to guests.


Importance of self
check-in technologies


With the proliferation of self service in the airline and airport industry in the last ten years, it seems logical that the accommodation industry should soon follow. Self-service technologies and their global mainstream use, have been around for some time, and are now part of everyday life. Whether buying groceries at a store, getting a DVD from a kiosk, checking in at the airport, processing photos, paying at the petrol pump, or getting cash from an ATM, consumers are accustomed to, and often prefer, a self-service option. In this day and age, consumers are coming to expect a self-service option for all their transactions. With LEAPIN, self- service technology in hotels is no longer an issue of whether or not to deploy a kiosk.

Security, Simplicity
and Savings


With the LEAPIN web-check-in API, lockouts will become a thing of the past. Your guests will feel more secure in their accommodation knowing that no-one has cut a key. You can accept bookings and check-ins 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your accommodation will gain a competitive advantage over others. You can encourage guests to web- check-in on your website, and pass savings on from not having to go through an Online Travel Agency. You can ensure payments are made in advance in full before someone stays. You can have all the functionalities of kiosks, keycard/mag-stripe and RFID locking systems such as auditing lock, setting separate personal keys for cleaners, maintenance staff etc.

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